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The most derailed co-op roguelike you’ve ever played

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Degenheim is an action-packed, top-down, isometric roguelike set in a world gone absolutely mad. Absolutely unhinged story, characters, environments, enemies, everything.

Jump in, slice your way through the enemies, beat up bosses and progress further. Got your ass kicked on the way? No problem, upgrade yourself via metaprogression and jump in again.

Inspired by titans of the genre who brought us many hours of fun (and pain) and made us fall in love with the genre.

Wanna play alone? Cool. Wanna play with your friends? Even cooler.
We don’t skimp on content just because it’s early access
unique upgrades and abilities
playable characters
enemies, bosses & minibosses
playable environments
how it works

In case you never played a roguelike

Easy to learn, hard to master. We’ve designed combat, movement and core gameplay mechanics in a way that the learning curve is almost non-existent, with a very short and smooth onboarding experience.

Move around with WSAD and use one of your abilities, PRIMARY, SPECIAL or ULTIMATE. Every character has a DASH with invincibility frames to be either used to chase down enemies or avoid damage.

You can of course re-map your controls as you’d like, with full controller support on its way.

Use what you got to clean up the floor with your enemies and move further in the game.
Every time you whoop everyone’s ass in a stage, you get some sweet upgrades, provided to you at random, because duh, roguelike.

You can get up to 5 active and 5 passive abilities to forge your build for the run. All abilities are upgradeable, providing you with a bigger power spike with each upgrade.

Make sure to try out a wide variety from our 100+ abilities to find the perfect overpowered build for your character and playstyle.

We’ve put a ton of time into balancing (and we’re doing so constantly to this day), so there are almost no shitty abilities and most of them are very viable.
Having trouble beating up your adversaries? No worries, we gotchu fam. Inbetween runs, you get to explore the Player Hub, a place with many means of metaprogression to make your life easier.

Visit and engage with various NPCs and POIs to upgrade yourself, your items, fuse them together, basically do whatever it takes to make you strong enough to plow through enemies like it’s nothing. Remember to work it, make it, do it, makes you harder, faster, better stronger.
There’s so much more to explore in the game. Playable characters, items, talents, idle rewards, collectibles, bosses, minibosses, environments... The list goes on and on and on, but we think the best way is to experience it yourself.

The game’s still in Early Access and we plan on adding so much more to it in time. More means of progression and metaprogression, special events, more variety to gameplay, new experiences... Will there be bugs and inconveniences? Yes. But we usually tend to them very quickly, to provide you the best experience possible.
how it works

working our asses off to bring you more fun

We’re not trying to create some cheap, half-baked, spin-off copy, neither tryharding by reinventing the wheel for the sake of reinventing the wheel.

We seek to utilize all concepts we and the gamers have been loving for years, especially in the roguelike genre, but just going ham on the unhinged fun part. We want to make this your next 1000 hours game. We’ve put our hearts and souls into our game which has been in active development since summer 2021.
core gameplay mechanics
Snappy movement and swift combat, 100+ unique abilities, 70+ enemies, bosses and minibosses, 120+ playable environments, power ups, combined to make every run a unique experience.
Metaprogression & player hub
Got your ass kicked last run? No worries, jump back into a fully playable and explorable player hub full of means for metaprogression to make you stronger for your next run.
dialogues and hand-drawn storyline comics
Every chapter you clear, every boss you beat, every upgrade you get, every interaction with all custom-made, hand-drawn and moronically voiced characters gets you a new piece of the game’s fully unhinged story.
20 playable characters
Melee, ranged, hybrid, tanky, squishy, fast, slow. You name it, we’ve got ‘em all, including some internet legends. There’s no way you won’t be finding your favorite.
Private Beta
Testing everything is of course absolutely crucial. That’s why we’ve spend hundreds of hours with real players playtesting and feedbacking every bit of our game.
You’re getting rekt and need a friend to carry you? Or just someone to blame the loss on? Fear not, you can now enjoy this roguelike experience in co-op up to 4 players.
Season-based leaderboards & prizes
Are you a legend? An absolute unit? Just built different? Is your squad the same? You want to smear it into everyone’s face and even win something for it? Now you can.
cross-platform compatibility
We’re working to bring the game to as many platforms as possible, so that people can enjoy our game together regardless of their preferred platform.
Idle gaming
School’s been keeping you busy? You a parent now and have little time to play? No worries, you’ll be earning some fractional rewards even while not playing to help you progress.
the squad

badass roster ready to kick ass

20 fully playable characters, all designed with a unique kit of their own. You want a well-balanced hunk with a huge sword a beefy shotgun? You got him. You want a massive, tanky, street rave loving techno viking with an axe bigger than an AAA game’s marketing budget? Gotcha. Want a dual blade wielding swiftie slicing through h er enemies like it’s nothing? You’re in the right place. There is absolutely no way, regardless of your playstyle you’re not going to find your favorite.
Melee Hybrid

Dash Johnson

The actual real Gigachad. Interrupted while eating pie in his favorite diner, called upon once again to save the day and kick ass. Answered the call, hopped on his bike, rushed to the president, loaded up and went guns blazing. Too cool to look at explosions.
Sword Slash
[Primary Attack]
Quick attack chainable into a 3-hit combo. Does X% of Attack Power per hit, in a short-medium range in front of the player. Has no cooldown.
[Special Attack]
Dash pulls out his trusted shotgun, firing a heavy shot in a narrow medium-long distance cone, damaging all enemies for X% of Attack Power. Cooldown Xs.
Dash got no chill. Releases a shockwave dealing X% Attack Power damage, increases damage dealt by X% and decreases Special Attack’s cooldown by X%.

Stacy Bubbles

Shooting bubble guns was always her thing, who would’ve thought she’d turn that into a deadly profession?
[Primary Attack]
Fires multiple fast projectiles, dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as damage each to the first enemy hit.
[Special Attack]
Backflips and unloads both of her guns, gaining X% dodge and dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as damage in a cone in front of her to all enemies hit. Cooldown Xs.
Spins around, gaining X% dodge and X% movement speed, dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as damage to all targets around the player every Xs for Xs.

Techno Viking

The buff epitome of Berlin’s parades, a legend among his kin, relentlessly marching, dancing, big axe swingin’, out there wreaking havoc on all the enemies ruining the party.
[Primary Attack]
Swing your axe in a 3-hit front slashing combo dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as damage and hitting all enemies around you on the 3rd hit for X% of your ATTACK POWER as damage damage.
[Special Attack]
Slam down your axe into the ground, dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as damage in a straight line and <rooting enemies for Xs. Cooldown Xs.
Turn on your boombox, dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as damage every Xs and slowing all enemies by 50% for Xs. Can move and use other abilities while active.

Baba Med

A fabled Vizier, blind, yet all-seeing, commanding immense amounts of energy to strike down those who oppose his visions.
[Primary Attack]
Shoots a slow projectile, dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as splash damage on hit and applying Static, which lasts Xs and stacks up to 3> times.
[Special Attack]
Detonates all stacks of Static, dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as damage per stack to each enemy and in a small area around them. Cooldown Xs.
Dash got no chill. Releases a shockwave dealing 150% Attack Power damage, increases damage dealt by 100% and decreases Special Attack’s cooldown by 50%.


No kid should ever play with fire. Except for this one, who commands fire at his very fingertips, raining down absolute carnage on anyone trying to steal his lunch. Or the lunch of his friends. Or basically anyone’s lunch.
[Primary Attack]
Shoot a fireball that stops at the first target hit, dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as splash damage in a small area.
[Special Attack]
Supercharges your hands and shoots a huge fiery blast, dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as damage to all enemies in a straight line front of you. Cooldown Xs.
Rain down meteors in a large area, dealing X% of your ATTACK POWER as damage each Xs for Xs and slowing all enemies by X% while in the area.


This character is yet to be revealed

we’ve worked on games before

Life-long gamers, worked on and helped many games for well over a decade in the past and finally decided to make one which is fully our own.

Small indie studio? Yes. Inexperienced? Hell no.

While almost all of us worked in gaming, some of us also worked in start-ups, government services, e-commerce, real estate, automotive. But wherever we were individually in the past, it has always drawn us back to what we love - games.
Our past works may be seen in products of the following

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