OLLAMPICS cross-community tournament

Degenheim has decided to bring all those who are willing together in one big cross-community elimination tournament.

Every community, project, alpha group, gaming guild or DAO can choose their champions to win prizes for themselves, their projects and their communities.

Disclaimer: registration does not guarantee participation. The team will be executing a thorough due diligence process to ensure legitimate participations.

How to participate in the tournament

1. Choose 5 champions to represent your community

Every project / community gets to choose 5 people to represent. All 5 champions MUST attend the tournament, there will be no substitutes. Should your team come with an incomplete roster, they risk losing out on points.

2. Sign up your team via the provided sign-up form

This is the only way to enter the competition. Make sure to fill it out correctly so all the processing on our side is seamless. Please provide all the necessary information in the sign-up form. Sign up here

3. Compete and win free mints, a partnership and in-game integration

We have put out a generous prize pool consisting of 300 free mints, 120 Degenlist spots, multiple in-game integrations & partnerships.

Prize pool

Community leaderboard

1st place

  • 100 free mints for your community
  • Partnership with Degenheim with High-tier in-game integration

2nd place

  • 60 free mints for your community
  • Partnership with Degenheim with Mid-tier in-game integration

3rd place

  • 35 free mints for your community
  • Partnership with Degenheim with Base-tier in-game integration
  • 4th place-25 free mints for your community & 25 Degenlist spots
  • 5th place-15 free mints for your community & 20 Degenlist spots
  • 6th to 10th place-15 Degenlist spots for your community

  • All the players in Top 10 will receive a free mint (50 total)
  • In-game integration will vary according to what is most feasible for your type of project (could be characters, custom built / branded arenas / environments in-game, weapons / armors / items and other) and will be discussed among the victors and Degenheim. These could involve game dev advisory / consultations if you're considering your own game.

Individual leaderboard

1st place

  • - 4 free mints

2nd place

  • - 3 free mints

3rd place

  • - 2 free mints

4th to 10th place

  • - 1 free mint